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-meta:  a prefix appearing in loanwords from Greek meaning “after”, “along with”, “beyond” added to the name of a subject and designating another subject that analyses the original one but at a higher level.


MetaPost is a boutique post production house located in a nice and quiet neighbourhood very close to the center of Athens. We undertake all forms of audiovisual projects no matter how small or big they are. From low budget short films to the highest production value features, documentaries, video clips, video art projects and TVC’s we tend to go far and beyond a simple post production service. MetaPost studio is equipped with the latest high-end equipment and we are always up to date with the most recent developments of the industry. Aiming not just to fulfil your requirements, but to add some extra power to each and every project we love taking one step forward apart from the usual procedure.

If you like your projects to be in the frontline of post production you have chosen the right place.


The Colorist

Αggelos Mantzios has been a film professional since the beginning of his studies at the Hellenic Film School Stavrakos in Athens, Greece. His Master in IT / Telecommunications has been an asset taking the first steps of his career as the IT and main editor of a small post production house.


Right after gaining his cinematography degree he was employed as a camera crew member in “Dogtooth” by G. Lanthimos, shot on 35mm. And this was just the beginning of his professional occupation in the film and advertising sector of Greece, as a valuable camera assistant.


After more than 10 years in the camera department, gaining working experience in national and foreign productions, he moved forward to the next level and started working as a digital imaging technician (D.I.T). Among his collaborations there are significant names of D.O.Ps within the global film industry such as Phedon Papamichael, Thimios Bakatakis, Christos Voudouris, Christos Karamanis  and many others.


At the same time his love for colors and moving images led him to explore the world of post production and specifically the art of color grading.


Nowadays Aggelos is the proud founder and Colorist of MetaPost. He is considered to be top of the list in his profession, but he never loses his passion to explore and learn the latest techniques in the industry. No matter how small or big a project seems to be Aggelos is always willing to go one step forward to achieve the best result.

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Post Production Coordinator

Ιro Adrakta is passionate about production of audiovisual projects in every stage. She proves a significant track record of working experience in several positions of production.


Working as a production manager in short films, a producer’s assistant in features and a line producer in TVCs, she has gained important experience in many aspects of production.


In MetaPost she holds the position of the office manager solving quickly and effectively every administrative nightmare. Μost importantly she fills the position of the post production manager in every project, that hasn’t got one.


Her moto is: Feel free to contact us before the shoot!

In case you are considering MetaPost as the post production service for your project, Iro is the person who will warmly welcome you and provide you with all the necessary information to begin with.

She will be monitoring all the post production procedure and always remain at your disposal for anything relevant.

Contact Ero: